Jessi Baker is the founder of Provenance is a digital platform enabling producers, manufacturers and retailers to track the journey of people, places and ingredients behind their products. They use blockchain and smart tagging technologies to revolutionise supply chain transparency. With Provenance, businesses can drastically reduce risk in their supply chain and foster a new form of consumer trust.

The first to apply blockchain technology to supply chain in 2013, Provenance are now working with businesses in the UK and across global supply chains, including The Co-op supermarket, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, The World Bank, Greenpeace, organic certified farms across Europe and luxury brands in the fashion and food industries. They are a member of the Ellen MacArthur foundation CE100 – pioneering open traceability systems for a circular economy, and were featured in over 100 news titles in 2017.

Jessi has a Master’s in Engineering (Cambridge University) and Design (Royal College of Art), she founded Provenance whilst doing a PhD in Computer Science (UCL). Across the US and Europe, she has worked with brands on technology and digital design strategy including Adidas, The Four Seasons, The Guggenheim, pop star Will.I.Am, British Airways and Louis Vuitton. She is an associate researcher at the Intel Institute for Sustainable Cities.